TRL Relaunch

I Think it’s a good move for MTV and pop culture. TRL was the epicenter for pop music on television for the 10 years it ran from 1998 to 2008. It was what teens hurried home to after school for, to see if their favorite videos had made the countdown. It became an event anytime a new music video or music album was about to drop. The show also offered viewers the chance the see their favorite entertainers. This was pre Youtube, where the chances of seeing even a music video , was rare. You had to be in the right place at the right time, or you would miss out.

TRL at one point, became more about whatever artists had stopped by the show, than the music videos themselves. As Youtube became more popular, viewers became less interested in watching the show. But how could you blame them, Youtube introduced music videos on demand. You could rewatch the same videos over and over.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of TRL, but I remember some of the videos that were played, and how they couldn’t be found anywhere else on TV. MTV in general, was the only place I could catch the “other side” of pop culture.

I remember being into pop music in the 80s and early 90s. I remember MTV played rock, alternative , punk, grunge etc, while BET played the urban music genres, R&B , Soul , Jazz, HipHop, and Gospel. I like the move to bring back TRL, but I would like to see the bring the capital M, m being music of course, back to TV. Instead of counting down 10 music videos, why not make it 20. Having 20 music videos allows for more of a diverse program. There are so many artists that get left out when there’s only 10 videos being presented. It would really be dope if the program was more like MTV Jams or the Top 20 Countdown use to be.